Professor Teresa Lin Ju visit Vinahardware

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The relationship between Professor Teresa Lin Ju and Vinahardware

Mr. Bui Nhan Tien, the representative of Vinahardware, had previously studied Information Management at Taiwan Shute University in Taiwan. When he started his studies in a new environment, he faced many difficulties and challenges in life. In that situation, he received wholehearted help from Professor Teresa.

Giáo sư Teresa cùng anh Bùi Nhân Tiến và các sinh viên của trường Taiwan Shute

Professor Teresa, along with Mr. Bui Nhan Tien and students from Taiwan Shute University

She provided him with support in both academic knowledge and daily life. Thanks to her, he had the motivation to strive for his studies.

Giáo sư Teresa cùng anh Bùi Nhân Tiến và các sinh viên của trường Taiwan Shute

Professor Teresa, along with Mr. Bui Nhan Tien

Professor Teresa Lin Ju has made significant contributions to the educational development between Vietnam and Taiwan. To acknowledge her contributions, the Ministry of Education and Training of Vietnam awarded her a commemorative medal for her educational career. During this ceremony, Prof. Teresa also captured memorable moments with her former student, Mr. Tien.

GS Teresa cùng anh Bùi Nhân Tiến (ngoài cùng bên phải) tại lễ trao kỉ niệm chương vì sự nghiệp giáo dục

Prof. Teresa, along with Mr. Bui Nhan Tien (far right), at the award ceremony for her educational career

Some images from the meeting with Professor Teresa at Vinahardware company

After graduation, Mr. Tien started his own import-export manufacturing company called Vinahardware, specializing in producing and distributing wood industry accessories. Amidst the busy work and life, he always remembered the time he spent studying at Taiwan Shute University under the guidance of Prof. Teresa.

GS Teresa tại công ty Vinahardware

Prof. Teresa at Vinahardware company

Therefore, on the occasion of Prof. Teresa's visit to Vietnam for work, on August 12, 2015, Mr. Tien invited her to visit the Vinahardware company. There, Prof. Teresa met with the staff of Vinahardware and witnessed the working process and efforts of everyone in the company. The meeting took place in a cheerful and open atmosphere, leaving a lasting impression in the hearts of everyone involved.


Minh Trang - Vinahardware


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