Hello everyone who has been, is, and will become a member of the Vinahardware family. Perhaps these will be the first enthusiastic words that Vinahardware wants to send to you!

In this environment, each individual will accompany each other, and the brothers in the company will work together to build a development company. There is a saying that when you step into the house of Vinahardware, as a member of the great Vinahardware family, you will hear and feel it, that is  “Our company – working together, looking for development solutions together. develop the company, fertilize and water this VNH tree together, when the big tree flowers and results, then all the brothers and sisters who have merit will receive the worthy results."

Vinahardware Team Building

At Vinahardware, we are constantly changing every day for the goal of bringing the company to a new level, so that the brothers in the company can rely on the company to live. : "Finding brothers and sisters who are united in developing the company, not buying and selling labor". So if any candidate can read these lines please understand, at Vinahardware – we are equal, and we cooperate.

Vinahardware Team Building 2


  • In addition to the basic salary, the employee also has a daily meal allowance and an attendance allowance.
  • Overtime is calculated as coefficients x1.5, x2, x3 according to labor law. Overtime reaching the full 36 hours/month is rewarded with 2 more days of salary, and year-end bonuses (cash, furniture ...)
  • Employees are fully insured, and Tet holidays enjoy a full salary. Vinahardware always has policies to protect the interests of employees working at the company.
  • Currently, we are applying the policy of deducting % of the company's profit to send it back to the employees, with this bonus, it will support a significant part to improve life, improve daily meals. having more vegetables and more meat, that's what Vinahardware is aiming for.

Vinahardware compliment workforce

For all departments in the company, there is a specific promotion route, from employee to team leader, to manager... Vinahardware always gives priority to creating favorable conditions for employees who are working at the company, experienced and qualified. force can develop into new positions.


Vinahardware pursues the goal of becoming a manufacturer and provider of mechanical industrial products and wooden industry accessories of quality, quickly. That's why we choose the slogan "Put full trust - improve quality"  as the foundation for the process of building and developing the company.

Vinahardware' machining factory

In the short term, Vinahardware wants to ensure the supply of quality and stable goods at the most optimal prices for the domestic market.

Vinahardware' machining factory 2

In the long term, Vinahardware will mobilize resources to expand its production scale, towards the international market, providing domestic and foreign customers not only wood industry accessories but also other products in many fields. more diverse areas.


We know that wherever you go to work, you also pay great attention to the culture of a company. Then Vinahardware would like to share a couple of core things about yourself. Tell a little story for reality, a friend was going to work, she saw everyone working, and saw a girl pushing a cart but you still stood and watched. Do you know what the result is, the director let her quit, it's a bit sad! But from this story, Vinahardware wants to tell you that here you have to put ethics first, know how to help people, and coordinate with other departments to complete the best work.

Vinahardware-Company Cultrure

Currently, the company has a break time in the morning from 10 am to 10 am, and from 3 pm to 3 pm. However, this time frame is only enough for you to go out to drink a glass of water or open your phone to see pictures of your children to help you remember... Therefore, the Board of Directors of the company is also very understanding and creates conditions for employees to have breaks and entertainment such as organizing regular meals, organizing birthday parties,...

Vinahardware workforce in field trip

Đây là những giây phút mà mọi người hiểu hơn về nhau, và cũng như tăng sự gắn kết giữa các bộ phận trong công ty.

 field-trip of vinahardwae workers


Satisfying customers with quality products and professional service is the basic and most important mission of Vinahardware. Not only that, VNH wishes to fulfill the mission of bringing a more comfortable, modern, and safe life from the products of wood industry accessories in particular and other fields that the company will develop in the future. Generally speaking.

Brand value and social benefits and two factors that Vinahardware always tries its best to preserve and build. Our wood industry accessories company takes the name  Vinahardware with the desire to create a prestigious and quality Vietnamese "hardware" brand. At the same time, Vinahardware understands that profit in business is a factor that any business wants to aim for, but social values ​​and business ethics are the invisible but important factors. special influence on the existence and development of each company. Because it brings benefits to the community and society in some way, then the brand value and customer support for Vinahardware are truly sustainable.

Vinahardware front office

To be able to create products with high precision and absolute quality, Vinahardware takes hard work and creativity as the direction of its activities. To be able to be flexible in production, and to bring more diverse product sources to customers, we are always ready to expand cooperation with partners based on equality and respect for the interests of both parties.

Concluding our introduction, we commit that we have been, are, and will always strive to work and create constantly so that the "Vinahardware brand" becomes the first choice of any customer when needing to use these products. quality “hardware” products!


- Head office:   Building 180B Binh Duong Boulevard, Kp. Dong Ba, Binh Hoa Ward, City. Thuan An, District Binh Duong.

- Factory:   Vinh Phu 17A, Vinh Phu Ward, Thuan An, Binh Duong.

- R&D Center: 7/1A Binh Duong Boulevard, KP. Binh Duc 1, City. Thuan An, T. Binh Duong

- Hotline: 0348 959 559

- Customer care: 0274 9999 259

- Email: sales@vinahardware.com / info@vinahardware.com


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