• With more than  10 years of establishment and development in the field of wood industry accessories, supporting industries is a prestigious partner prioritized by many reputable factories.
  • Area of more than 8000m2 with factories, warehouses, and retail stores distributed nationwide. Over  500 factories, shops, and agents are spread across 54 provinces.
  • Providing over  10,000 products, ensuring diversity in supply and production needs.
  • Strong logistics team, committed to on-time and timely delivery

► Diversified products and sources:

  • Wood industry accessories: Sliding rail, Hinge, Handle, Bas; Smart accessories, Kitchen accessories…
  • Industrial equipment and tools: Nails, screws, Drills, Saws, Screwdrivers...
  • Smart furniture: Folding tables and chairs for offices, families, Folding beds…
  • Outsourcing production of customized products at VINAHARDWARE's modern factory, helping to proactively source goods, and flexibly meet customer needs.

Vinahardware machining factory


  • Applying the best discount price from  20-40%  to customers, always trying to stabilize the price.
  • Diversified source of goods, and stable inventory to ensure supply demand.
  • Goods are produced on modern production lines with quality assurance equipment and materials, and clear and specific production plans.


Vinahardware machining factory

  • Strict and thorough quality control process.
  • Fast delivery system, instant support.
  • Professional care and advice staff.
  • Payment Policy:  Have a debt support policy when customers meet the company's criteria.
  • Return Policy:  The company always finds ways to solve problems as quickly as possible (if any) to ensure that the production progress of customers is not affected.


Vinahardware always wishes to be a long-term supply partner accompanying customers with the criterion "Fast and Good". Therefore, clarity and prestige in cooperation are always put on top priority by Vinahardware.

Debt policy applies to the following conditions:

  • For loyal customers who have accompanied Vinahardware with  sales over 600 million VND, apply  debt up to 30 days from the date of receipt of full goods and invoices but must maintain stable sales of over 300 million within 6 months (>50 million/month)
  • With  sales from 400-600 million, apply  debt up to 15 days and must maintain stable sales of over 180 million within 6 months (>30 million/month)
  • With  sales from 200-400 million, apply debt up to 7 days and must maintain stable sales of over 120 million within 6 months (>20 million/month)
  • For customers who do not meet the above conditions, payment will be made in cash or by bank transfer before receiving the goods.


Customers will be signed a clear contract and must commit to paying on time.

Vinahardware is ready to support customers for force majeure reasons, but if they do not comply with the contract and fail to pay on time many times, Vinahardware is forced to terminate the debt contract, so customers understand and sympathize with the situation. this problem.

In addition, Vinahardware will evaluate customer sales every 6 months, if customers do not meet the criteria, they can reduce the debt term, if sales do not reach for a long time, force Vinahardware to cut debts.



We are committed to delivering accurate delivery times. In case, there is an error, Vinahardware will solve it drastically, promptly, and notify customers early to take the initiative.

Support free shipping with the following orders:

  • Invoices over 3 million VND, in the inner city of Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong.
  • Bills over 5 million VND: Cu Chi District, Nha Be, Binh Chanh.
  • Invoices over 20 million for further provinces within a radius of 30km.
  • Depending on the customer's delivery location, Vinahardware will negotiate an appropriate balance.



If there are any problems related to product quality, Vinahardware is ready to handle, and exchange if the fault is from the manufacturer.

If it is not a product fault but customers need support, Vinahardware is ready to work with customers to provide solutions and directions.


Manufacturing and distribution of WOODEN INDUSTRY ACCESSORIES - VINAHARDWARE

Showroom Binh Duong:  Building 180B Binh Duong Boulevard, St. Dong Ba, Binh Hoa Ward, City. Thuan An, Binh Duong.

Factory:  Vinh Phu 17A, Vinh Phu Ward, Thuan An, Binh Duong.

Vinahardware Website: https://vinahardware.com

- HOTLINE: 0274 9999 259

- Customer Care:  0348 959 559


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