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Vinahardware provides Concealed Mounting Brackets, also known as wall-mounted shelf brackets, used for lifting and supporting wooden wall-mounted shelves. The products are imported from Taiwan and meet all technical standards. They are made of steel and have a surface coated with a layer of white zinc to enhance aesthetics and prevent rust.

Here are the technical specifications:

Weight: 100 grams
Total length: 112mm
Minimum wood thickness: 24mm
Maximum shelf depth: 300mm
Load capacity: 80-200kg/m2
Drilling depth for shelf pegs: 100mm
Two mounting holes: 6.5 x 14.5

Dimensions of Vinahardware's bass shelf brackets

Concealed Mounting Bracket from Vinahardware

Installation steps for Concealed Mounting Bracket:

  1. Determine the placement point for the Concealed Mounting Bracket. Use an 11mm drill bit to drill a hole 10cm deep into the wooden shelf.
  2. Take the drilled hole as the midpoint. Cut a hole measuring 77mm in length, 20mm in height, and 15mm in depth. This helps to conceal the metal part when installing the wooden shelf.
  3. Determine the wall drilling point based on the hole drilled in the wooden shelf. Use screws or bolts to secure the bracket's mounting hole to the wall.
  4. Carefully assemble the shelf onto the bass shelf bracket.

Pat âm đỡ kệ

Wooden shelf mounted with Concealed Mounting Bracket

Advantages: High aesthetic value, the shelf installation does not reveal any metal parts. The tilt angle can be adjusted using adjustable screws installed on both sides.

You can contact our telesales department to get more advice about the Concealed Mounting Bracket or anything else related to furniture.

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