LED cabinets lighting LED1121

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LED cabinets lighting LED1121

Product information

- LED1211 lighting cabinets thanks to energy-saving led technology, high product life, long use time, sufficient illumination for interior illumination

- The product incorporates magnetic closing technology, can come with damping lid hinge.

- When the metal detection light goes out - and will light when no metal is encountered

- Comes with a small battery system 12V-23A

- How to use: The product comes with a built-in mini battery. On the body with attached plastic poles can be mounted directly on the lid hinge. When the door is closed, the light switch button will turn off and the door will turn on when the light is opened.

LED light for kitchen cabinet door hinge LED1121

- Control Led lamp by magnetic

- Long life products

- Save energy

- Power: 12V-23A


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