Wall bed and table cabinet accessories

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Wall bed and table cabinet accessories

VNH148 bed accessories set and VNH149 built-in folding table In order to meet the trend of the crowded real estate market, while the real estate prices are constantly increasing, the solutions that many design and construction projects are about smart furniture, folding furniture, etc. The more customers are interested in, especially in big cities, the more obvious this is. Grasping this trend in the production of smart furniture products is increasingly expanding, and bringing high efficiency. Vinahardware would like to introduce to you two product lines that are very popular with wood factory workers, especially those in smart housing projects, furniture that is collapsible is the set of accessories for the bed. built-in cabinets and accessories for cabinets. Both product lines in terms of design and function have many similarities but differ in nature. While the stowed accessory set for the built-in bed has a design to ensure the load capacity of the bed frame, so it has a larger size, the steel thickness on the accessory details is also larger, the number of springs is 8 springs, while the accessory set for the built-in cabinet has thin steel and the number of springs is 5. Along with that, in the process of installing the cabinet bed accessories, because the weight of the bed is usually quite heavy, the installation will be difficult, some of the differences are that the two sides of the cabinet need to have holes for the process. bed frame installation is made easier by installing the frame and then spring mounting to the frame is done last. Similar on the two product lines corresponding to the weight of the frame, the use of the number of springs will be adjusted up or down to accommodate easy lifting. Because of the large load-bearing capacity on the bed frame, the iron-clad components on the under-cabinet bed accessories will be larger, thicker and the quality in the welding process ensures the permeability as well. more stringent requirements. All accessories are carefully inspected by Vinahardware before being supplied to the market, from the selection of materials, to checking the details on the product to ensure the correct size, installation process and Stable operation.

Besides, Vinahardware also manufactures many other product lines of stowed accessories such as: a bed lifter, a set of folding table accessories for installing balconies that can be placed outdoors in the apartment balcony area, disassembled and assembled. easy installation, accessories for wall shelves, iron pans, molded handles, plastic molding, office furniture products, frame tables and chairs for restaurants, cafes, school tables and chairs... For specific information, you can directly contact Vinahardware or its agents to know more details. -------------------- The accessories in the picture, in terms of function and design, are quite similar. However, will vary in weight and size. The set of accessories for the bed will have a larger number of springs with 8 springs. And the spring is also very large with a length of 200mm, and used steel with a diameter of up to 4mm, which is very big! Make sure that when we install the bed frame on top, it gives the most stable load capacity, as well as the most stable operation. The size of the accessory for the bed is 290mm wide and the accessory height is 440mm. One set of accessories for this bed provided by Vinahardware has a total weight of 18kg including left and right sides. Very heavy, this ensures the use of the strongest and most sturdy material frame. The thickness of the steel at this position is equivalent to 4mm, while other positions such as these brackets have a thickness of up to 10mm. Therefore, when we hold it in our hands, the product does not shake, but feels very solid. In terms of use, these two products are similar in use. Some of the accessories available on the market have a spring design and a lifting arm located on the same side and have a cover on the box. This design makes the accessory when installed on the cabinet will look thicker and unsightly. At the same time, when the position of the spring is installed inside the cabinet, it is very difficult for us to assemble the bed frame on top, especially the adjustment of the spring to balance the bed frame. As for the accessories provided by Vinahardware, we will assemble it by cutting a square hole on the side of the cabinet and putting the accessory upside down. Then screw on top to fix the sturdy accessory (note that during the installation process we remove all the springs). We then bring the accessory arm down into place to install the bed frame, which makes assembling the bed frame very easy. When the assembly is complete, we will erect the bed frame and assemble the springs. This design helps us to adjust the spring according to the needs of use very easily in accordance with the actual weight of the bed frame. For example: we can add or subtract some spring positions according to our needs, can remove this spring, that spring, or both...depending on the actual need for us to adjust. balance for our bed frame or table frame. The position where we cut holes, making the interior is very simple by using a plank to cover it, or using a steel plate to cover it. This is still easier than installing the bed frame inside which the spring adjustment is difficult to install. The whole product is very carefully machined, the welding positions are beautiful and feel very solid. Designed for light operation, and no vibration, making it stable to use. Then this white accessory set can still be installed on the bed frames. Depending on the needs, we can contact Vinahardware directly to know more detailed information. And this is the type for the bed frame, this is the time when we have not attached the springs. Shall I remove the spring so we can see how the product works? This is the position when the bed is opened, and when the bed is raised, there will be a pull spring to bring the bed to the closed position. We see that now the installation of the spring is very easy, we put our hand in the hole on the side of the cabinet and put the spring up very easily. All these details are carefully welded.

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