Vinahardware: How to choose a utility and economical faucet and sink.

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Faucets and sinks are the companions of housewives, but not every housewife knows how to choose a sink and faucet that is convenient and economical. So how to choose a sink and faucet for convenience and economy? Let’s find out with Vinahardware in the article below.


How to choose to buy convenient and economical faucets and sinks


Common materials of the sink:

Sinks are often made from materials such as porcelain, aluminum, stainless steel, stone, enameled cast iron, etc. And the most popular today is still stainless steel because this material creates a clean feeling. will, impact resistant, easy to replace, and especially there are many designs to choose from.

 Types of sinks:

In fact, there is no universal standard for the size of the sink, but the size mainly depends on the needs and preferences of the user. There are common types of sinks such as:

 Single sink:

+ Dimensions: 500 x 600 x 200mm

+  Easy to clean large pots and pans, often used as extra sinks, popular in restaurants and eateries.

+ Do not save water when soaking small items.


Stainless Steel Single Kitchen Sink

Single Sink


 Double sink: 500 x 600 x 200mm, sizes are usually 700 - 800 mm in length, 430 - 500 mm in width, and 200 - 220 mm in depth.

+ It is a common type with two equal washing pots, spacious space, and a separate processing area.

+In addition, there are also double sinks with uneven tub sizes, a large one and a small one for sorting washing items, or a type of 1 sink and 1 sink for pre-processing. Double sinks are usually horizontal, some are specially designed for corner kitchens.


Stainless Steel Double Kitchen Sink

Double sink with the knife storage


 The special sink: There are 3 or more compartments or 2 compartments and 1 pre-processing surface, increasing the usable area for the washing area.

  Included accessories:

Modern sinks will have many utilities thanks to the attached accessories. You can consider when buying such as:

- Dishwashing liquid tank: The place to store dishwashing liquid in the form of a negative tank at the bottom and a spout on the top makes it easy to wash dishes with a push of a button.


Kitchen sink with vegetable case


- Knife compartment: A new feature of the sink with horizontal slots above the sink to put knives after washing.

- Sliding compartments: Used as a screen that can be slid over the tanks to place items on top, usually to drain or wash vegetables.

- Basket upside down: like a shelf placed on top of the sink to place dishes upside down when finished washing.


Corner sink

Corner Sink


The faucet of the sink often has a curved and thick head with a switch (different from a hand basin) and 2 hot and cold sources, adapting to the habit of soaking and rinsing with cold water.

For those with 2 sinks, the faucet can be rotated and selected the position of the water to drain. The new faucet is one with a nozzle that can be pulled out of the outlet like a bathroom faucet to reach further discharge locations.



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