Clothes stainless steel hook P1363

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You are in need of products for clothes hangers?

- Type 304 stainless steel?

- For toilets and bathrooms?

- Combining door collision resistance function with walls?

- Processing on demand both in quantity and quality?

- Need a stable source of goods?

Stainless steel hook hook P1363

No fear of rust, stain due to 304 stainless steel processing. Beautiful colors and clean, friendly feeling even in moist environment conditions.

The two functions on a product are suitable for mounting in the right corner of the Toilet door for hanger, and combined with the anti-impact rubber latch on the door without fear of the door after the time of using the impact. , damage the door.

Sturdy and rugged but no less subtle, easy to use.

Always meet customer needs, outsourcing according to the number of factories and project works.

Product information

- Material: 304 stainless steel

- Color: white scratch

- Size: attached drawing board

- Function: clothes hook

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