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If you have a factory, factory, furniture production unit, project,.... High quality, fast and reliable, this is the article for you.

Vinahardware uses the most modern equipment and technology. Metal punching and punching machinery is equipped with the most advanced technologies to ensure high accuracy and durability. Helps produce accurate metal parts and meet customer requirements.

Experience and expertise of highly technical team. This ensures that the production process is conducted smoothly and the product is of high quality.

Quality control is the most important factor to ensure high quality products. Vinahardware has strict quality control procedures to ensure that products meet customer requirements. Quality inspection procedures include checking dimensions, accuracy, uniformity and surface finish.

Specialist in processing and manufacturing punching and shocking products.

- Metal punching

- Stainless steel punching

- Punching details

- Steel punching

- Batch component punching,..


High accuracy, ensuring customer technical requirements

Meet the quantity according to construction projects, export factories, furniture factories

Punching all kinds of pats, hinges, folding iron pats, yin-yang pats, U-shaped pats, water drop pats, folding pats,... piano foil hinge, stainless steel hinge,...

Racks, rails, shoe shelves, clothes hangers, support hinges, glass posts, sliding door curved struts, metal punching, stainless steel punching,...


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