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Besides processing mechanical products, accessories for wood industry, supporting industries... Vinahardware receives processing of cement-powder coating for products that are metal materials.

In the production of metal materials, the use of xi or powder coating is essential and important, it has the ability to protect metal surfaces from corrosion, impact and chemicals. It also provides a decorative protective layer for the metal product, since it is possible to paint in various colors and patterns.

With many forms of paints and powder types on the market today, we use spray drying method and using non-recovered type one powder coating powder is one of the most useful and best methods.

In terms of plating, we use two main forms: 7-color galvanizing and blue-white galvanizing, which increase wear resistance as well as resistance to environmental factors, in addition to increasing hardness and prolonging the service life of the product

The system of paint kilns, plating kilns is built and invested methodically by us, painting / cementing products with large size, complex profiles ...

With a team of highly qualified technicians, we are confident to respond quickly to customer requirements, ensuring the right color, proportion, smooth surface, color uniformity ...

Besides, we accept processing products such as:

  • Processing tables and chairs, iron shelving frames.
  • Processing of stamping and iron plastering.
  • Machining handles, bed frames, sliding rails, hinges
  • Processing all kinds of lamp posts, accessories details
  • Machining, punching parts
  • Processing of planks and stone surfaces
  • Cement processing, powder coating
  • Processing smart interior accessories, sliding door accessories ...

We look forward to cooperating with you in the near future.

 Zalo: https://zalo.me/3028201065679419767


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